This Women's Rights Activist Reads Out Her Own Hate Speech, And It's Pretty Awful

“People who play with fire get burned, and I’m ready to burn any child-killer”

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The Times of Malta has uploaded a video on the kind of hate speech that Women’s Rights Foundation director Dr Lara Dimitrijevic constantly receives online. In the video, she reads out messages calling her and her team of specialists all sorts of things; from a “child-killer” to “bitches.”

Dr Dimitrijevic set up the dynamic NGO Women's Rights Foundation back in 2013. She and two other lawyers – Rebecca Muscat and Stephanie Caruana – offer free legal advice to victims of domestic violence, gender discrimination, rape and human trafficking, as well as reproductive health, and, in the case of victims in shelters and migrants, they even represent them legally for free.

This is part of a campaign that the Times of Malta have ongoing regarding hate speech in Malta. They have also compiled similar videos of Xarabank's Peppi Azzopardi and Democratic Party leader Godfrey Farrugia.

"This person and other like her are in the same category of ISIS”

Some of the remarks made were thrilling, and Dr Dimitrijevic even choked when having to read the comment “why doesn’t she castrate herself” out loud.

A Eurobarometer survey conducted last year revealed that Maltese people were the most likely of all EU nationals to come across hate speech online. According to the survey conducted in June, Maltese respondents were the third most likely to agree that the country needs to have arrangements in place to limit the spread of illegal content on the Internet.

Let us know whether hate speech online is an issue in Malta that needs to be tackled

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