Three Turtles Released From Golden Bay This Morning

Europa, Myrtle and Moana are free to roam the seas

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Photo: Jenny Fenton

Three turtles have been released back into the wild by Nature Trust after months of rehabilitation at San Lucjan. Europa, who's three years old, Myrtle, who is eight, and Moana who is twelve, will all be roaming our seas once more. And we hope this time they stay safe and clear of human intervention.

Released by Nature Trust, the turtles were lucky enough to be rescued in time. As part of an ongoing campaign, nature trust is urging people who see turtles trapped on fishing lines to not tug on the string, but to call their rescue lines and wait for a vet.

Anyone finding an injured turtle can call Nature Trust's emergency number on 99999505 or the the Environment Authority on 99210404.

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