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Tomorrow Is The Last Day Your Maltese Lira Will Ever Be Valuable

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The end of an era is finally upon us: the Maltese Lira will officially be worthless tomorrow.

Unless you are a currency collector, or just like the look of the money, there won’t be much point in having the soon-to-be-useless money.

With the deadline looming and reports that nearly €37 million in Maltese Lira has yet to be exchanged, now might be a good time to do that massive housecleaning you’ve been wanting to do for about a decade now. 

Maltese Coins

The Maltese Lira was a pretty awesome currency. It was full of crabs, as well as birds and fish on the coins, and had cool patriotic imagery on the notes. 

It was also a financially strong currency, meaning that you could pretty much live for a week off of a single green LM10 note. 

You after exchanging LM20 for US Dollars

However, the final nail in the Maltese Lira’s coffin is here. 

If you still have some Maltese Lira, you need to head to the Central Bank in Valletta before 12:30pm on Wednesday to exchange the currency. They are only accepting currency that was printed after 18th September, 1989, and are not accepting any coins. 

And if you happen to have over LM200 to exchange, first off, lucky you, and secondly, bring your IBAN number with you so that your new euros get deposited directly into your account. 

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