Tourists Visiting Malta Warn Of Pickpockets Around The Island

Multiple cases have already been reported

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Summer is just round the corner, which means Malta is about to get a heavy influx of tourists and students visiting our islands for the holidays' awesome weather. But with more people on the rock comes the opportunity for abuse, and the need for some vigilance.

A couple who recently visited Malta posted on popular Facebook group MALTA to warn the community of pickpockets who seem to operate around the Qawra bus station. 

"The lady who works at a nearby cafe said ours was the third case she had heard of in the last week," the post explained, escalating this into a very serious issue.

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Soon after the post appeared online, tourists and locals alike offered their own suggestions and experiences. One post explained how bus routes 186 and X3 seem to be the most susceptible to pickpockets, with the original post confirming this. 

Another person added that they were in Malta the week before and knew of two other stories of people having their wallets stolen, this time on the buses in Valletta and Sliema.

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Many people who commented wanted to clarify that, from the little information and witnesses there have been, it does not seem like the perpetrators were Maltese.

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Share this post to raise awareness on this matter, and please be careful of your surroundings this summer. 

Also, remember to immediately report any incidents to the Police.

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