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Tracksuit Or Tie? Education Ministry Debating What State School Uniforms Should Be

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Nothing was better when you were a school kid than getting to wear your tracksuit everyday during exams and retiring your shirt for a while. And if your school didn’t allow you to do that, and you were stuck in a blazer and a tie for all eternity… God bless your patient soul.

The Minister for Education and Employment, Evarist Bartolo, is currently discussing changing the uniforms of state schools. The discussion centres around whether the ‘traditional’ uniform of shirt and tie should be permanently replaced by the tracksuit. This would mean that students of state schools would only be required to wear the tracksuit to school.

And while tracksuits might be all the fashion currently, this is more of a matter of comfort for the students.

Students at higher primary and secondary school will be allowed to give their opinion by following an online link and specifying if they prefer their currently daily uniform, or a sporty tracksuit. Students at the lower primary levels will be consulted in a sort of ‘focus’ group, so that they will also be able to share their opinion.

This first step will begin today, Friday 1st February, and will carry on for a week until Friday 8th February.

Once the students have had their say, parents and educators of the students will be consulted for their opinion on the matter. If, after all consultations have concluded, the decision is made to replace the traditional uniform with a tracksuit, a ‘phasing-in’ period will be put into place. This will decrease any financial burden onto the parents and will avoid the ‘waste’ of recently purchased uniforms.

What choice would you make? Tracksuit or tie?

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