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Transport Malta Will Be Introducing More Driving Examiners To Keep Up With Summer Demands

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Transport Malta will be introducing more driving examiners over the next few weeks to better cope with the increasing demands of driving tests over summer.

This news comes after a recent publication noted how an average of 82 vehicle licenses are being issued per day and can be seen as a reaction to more individuals requesting to undergo their practical driving tests.

“During this period, it is normal for students to wait between four and five weeks before sitting for the test after submitting their application,” a spokesperson from Transport Malta told The Independent.

The spokesperson also noted how Transport Malta has had to undergo a number of procedural changes to keep up with the demand generated by the number of increasing drivers on the island.

“At the time of writing, the unit is processing applications submitted one week ago.”

It is clear that the increasing number of drivers, coinciding with Malta’s rise in population, is having a significant impact on government agencies, which more often than not find themselves playing catch-up.

Waiting times are also being affected by incomplete applications, with one or more missing documents being enough to cause major delays.

“TM is also addressing this issue by making further information about the necessary documentation, more widely and easily available.”

With more driving examiners being introduced in the coming weeks, it begs the question of whether the issue of traffic and congestion will be amplified as a result.

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