Two Maltese Men Sentenced To Nearly A Decade In Prison After Cannabis Sting Operation

All of their property and funds were confiscated as well

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Two men have been sentenced for nine and a half years and nine years respectively after a police raid uncovered a plan for one of the men to sell 20 soap-bars of cannabis resin for €13,500.

Henry Grogan and Luke Muscat had been arrested with two other people during a police raid on a garage in Ignazio Saverio Street, Birkirkara back in February 2010, Maltatoday reported.

Grogan had planned to sell the cannabis to a man named Anthony Calleja, and Luke Muscat had agreed to assist in the sale for €500.

After surveilling the men and seeing the drugs being delivered to Calleja's property, the police and drug squad raided his garage. Inside, they found the cannabis resin destined for sale, as well as discovering an undisclosed amount of heroin.

It was at this point that Muscat and Grogan were arrested and all drugs in the garage were seized.

They both pleaded guilty to the importation and trafficking of cannabis and heroin, and were sentenced to nearly a decade in prison

Aside from the jail time, Judge Giovanni Grixti ordered the men to be fined €18,000 each, and ordered them to pay court costs amounting to €2,914, and have all of their properties and funds confiscated.

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