Using Malta's Public Transport This NYE? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Warning: most buses end by 2am


New Year's Eve in Malta is looking to be as spectacular as ever, with an insane list of parties and concerts and some really awesome meals happening on the last night of 2017.

But a well-planned NYE involves more than just getting the concert tickets and booking a table for the the meal - you need to think about how you'll be getting back home when your stikker ma' l-art

Luckily for you, Transport Malta is here to help you get back home safe and sound, at least if you are returning home between the hours of 11:30pm and 2:30am. 

Here are the routes for the special NYE bus service.

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If you plan on staying out past those times on NYE, make sure to call one of the many affordable cab companies that now exist in Malta - it's not worth risking the drive drunk home on New Year's Eve, what with the other wild drivers on the road, increased road blocks, increased chance to lose your license, and also the chance of crashing. 

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