Valletta 2018 Releases Official Statement On Last Weekend's Acts Of Vandalism

'Public art is an expression. It's subjective and not everyone will appreciate it in the same way'


Within a day of being inaugurated, a number of the newest polystyrene art installations around Valletta were damaged, with many people saying that it was the works of vandals. With reports that some of the artworks were being recorded by CCTV and an investigation underway, the artistic community is still reeling from the possible vandalism. 

In the midst of this, the Valletta 2018 Foundation - the organisation responsible for the installations - has released an official statement condemning the acts.

And while the foundation clearly stated that the sculptures "were meant to encourage healthy discourse" and even said were "made with knowledge that people would interact with them given they were placed in public spaces", it went on to condemn the acts that happened over the weekend.

Their statement comes on the tail of criticism from public figures over the rollout of the installations.

What do you think of the works of art and how they were damaged?

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