WATCH: A Large Feline Has Been Filmed Pacing 'Nervously' Across A Maltese Roof

The video has already been condemned by Maltese animal rights groups

A video of what appears to be a large feline pacing agitatedly atop a Maltese roof has led to outrage on social media, with a mini-war erupting between the alleged owner and people concerned for the animal.

"It's a tiger apparently, according to the other post this morning," one Facebook user commented under the video." Disgraceful. The owner is fighting with everyone this morning in the other group, saying as long as he feeds it and gives it a bed, it's fine."

"This is beyond disgusting," said another user. "The poor animal is deprived from everything. But how can humans be so selfish. Why do these animals have to suffer just because this human decided to keep him locked up on the roof."

Many animals, including tigers, often pace back and forwards when they are stressed

Since the video was posted earlier today, people have called on Animal Welfare Malta to step in and address the situation, while others have called out the conditions a large feline would be experiencing locked onto a roof of a Maltese house.

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