Aggressive Naked Woman Jumps Into Paceville Rubbish Truck

Shocking footage has emerged from Paceville

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Lovin Malta has decided to remove the video that was previously attached to this story. This was done after we consulted with Victim Support Malta.

Shocking video footage has emerged of a naked woman jumping into the back of a rubbish truck in Paceville. 

The woman was filmed tugging at the door of a rubbish truck parked in front of the Havana nightclub and trying to pull it off its hinges, before jumping into the back of the truck.

While she’s inside the truck, a policeman offers her clothes but she promptly shouts at him and throws the clothes into the street. 

Footage filmed from above shows the woman clinging to the rubbish van and kicking out at police officers as they try to pull her out. She then falls into a fetal position inside the truck and two men wrap a cloth around her and pull her out. 

It takes three police officers to handcuff her, calm her down and lift her onto a stretcher and into an ambulance.

A police spokesperson told Lovin Malta that the woman is a foreigner and that the incident took place at around 6:45am.

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