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WATCH: ‘All Lives Matter, So Do Refugees’: Over 100 Migrants Chant And March For Their Rights In Valletta

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Photo and video: Samuel Cremona

Over 100 people joined forces and marched in front of the Law Courts in Valletta demanding equal rights for refugees and migrants that come to Malta. The sizeable crowd chanted “We Are The People” as they walked through Valletta waving placards and flags from African countries.

Police accompanied the calm and controlled crowd as they raised awareness on the plight more and more migrants face: being marginalised and lost in the Maltese system after coming to Malta

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One placard asked: “For how long are we going to be in a state of limbo?” Another placard simply stated: “All lives matter, so DO refugees”.

A third asked: “Are we not living in a EU member state that values family unity?”

There were a number of women and children in attendance, with mothers and pushchairs in the front row of the demonstration and children amid the crowd.

This protest comes weeks after over 100 migrants were evicted from an Qormi farm after being found living in cow sheds they were paying €200 a month to stay in.

What do you think of the migrants’ demonstration?

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