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WATCH: Army Minister Skewered Over Damning Ombudsman Report And Racist Murder By Two Soldiers

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Malta’s Minister for National Security was unable to respond convincingly when pressed by a journalist about who should be shouldering responsibility after two Maltese soldiers were accused of a cold-blooded racially-motivated murder.

Michael Farrugia was asked about what he would be doing following a damning report by the Office of the Ombudsman which found that promotion exercises were being used to push certain people of trust to the top of the ranks.

“The responsibility falls on the people who committed the crime,” Dr Farrugia said. “If I had tried to cover up for what they had done, I would have been politically resposnible. Instead, I have given the police all the tools possible and they can even bring in foreign experts if needed.”

The journalist, Christine Amaira, did not relent, pressing on the fact that the Maltese people were worried and concerned about how the two killers were allowed into the army, especially when one had a dirty police conduct.

The Minister quickly denied that any promotions currently being given were abusive, and to which Amaira responds: “That’s not what the Ombudsman’s report is saying. Jeffrey Curmi was given four promotions in a few months – who has ever gotten four promotions in a few months? How can you say that they are not abusive, and expect to be believed?”

Eventually, he tries to turn the tables and says he wants to ask her a question

Amaira quickly says she isn’t interested in replying, saying since she’s the journalist, she’s the one who’s there to ask the questions, before asking Farrugia if he thinks what he’s saying absolves him from responsibility as minister.

What do you make of this heated exchange?

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