WATCH: At Least 5 Motorcycles Skid On Dangerous Regional Road Hazard

"I thought a car had hit them and went to see if I could help"


Videos have emerged of motorcycles skidding into a harrowing accident on the Regional road tunnels earlier this morning.  Although the bikes do not appear to be speeding they all lose control suddenly. The accident saw all five bikers tumble into the middle of the road. 

Reports point towards a diesel spill causing the accident, possibly from a faulty car that had passed through earlier. "I was driving to work at about quarter to 7 in the morning. As I came up towards the tunnel, before I even entered, I saw people walking around and 2 bikes on the ground." Said Ben Vassallo, one of the motorcyclists.

"I thought a car had hit them and went to see if I could help. As I started driving towards them I hit the diesel patch and ended up falling over myself."

"After that it was pretty much a blur. I just remember getting up and going to help the guy who fell before me. Two more bikes fell after me and we stayed in the road stopping more bikes from falling until the CPD arrived."

A total of five motorcycles suffered similar accidents before the spill was cleaned away. If you're passing through the area please be careful as there may still be diesel residue on the ground. And maybe check your cars to make sure they're not leaking fuel.

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