WATCH: Dedicated Apple Fans Camp All Night In Sliema For New iPhone X

Only eight iPhone X phones are available in Malta

Dedicated Apple fans have spent all night camping outside the iCentre in Sliema so as to be first in line to buy the new - and extremely limited - iPhone X today. 

Apple has only produced an initial 3 million editions of the iPhone X, its tenth anniversary phone, and as such Malta’s iCentres have only been granted eight phones to sell to the public - all from the Sliema outlet.  

Dedicated Maltese Apple fans have been camping outside the Sliema iCentre since around 8pm last night, even placing chairs right outside the entrance. 

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“We’ve been waiting here for 14 hours, but it’s worth it,” one of the people told Lovin Malta. 

The iPhoneX contains several new features, including Face ID which uses facial recognition technology to unlock the phone when users look at the screen. It is particularly pricey and, if you manage to get your hands on it, it will set you back between €1,249 - €1,429. 

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