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WATCH: Fishermen Are Now Wearing ‘Drainage Gloves’ On Their Boats Because Of Msida’s Overflowing Sewage Problem

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A Maltese fisherman has lamented the fact that the sea in Msida is so full of sewage, he and his fellow fishermen need to wear “drainage gloves” to avoid having their hands covered in slime from the drainage system.

“This is right next to the street, and tourists are stopping and taking pictures of all the sewage – for them, it’s something abnormal, it’s like someone is flushing a toilet straight into the sea,” Pawlu* told Lovin Malta.

For at least the last three months, everything from toilet paper to faeces has been shot directly into the Msida sea, right in the centre of the town, at all hours of the day, according to Pawlu.

And when he tried to bring it up to the Local Council – and even a minister – he says he received no response.

It’s causing serious problems for the fishermen in the area, who sometimes do not go out fishing because they cannot touch the ropes unless they have specific gloves to protect their hands.

“Just look at the strength that the sewage is coming out,” he said. “The slime is getting attached to the ropes on our boats, and the chemicals from the toilet are being flushed out to sea direct from homes – you can see the toilet paper, everything, and it’s getting stuck everywhere. Plus, it’s going out to all the other marinas.” 

He also lamented the fish that lived in the sea near Msida, which he said had now turned a brown colour, and that it was all “a big shame”.

Msida is being inundated with sewage according to residents

Msida is being inundated with sewage according to residents

He called on the relevant authorities “to solve this matter ASAP”.

“First of all its a shame because Msida is a tourist icon today, and secondly, can they confirm and see if these chemicals are damaging our boats,” he said. 

“We used to see drainage, but now the smell is also effecting all the shops around here, places like Busy Bee where people cannot even sit down and enjoy a meal,” he said.

*Names have been changed at the request of the person.

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