WATCH: Malta Gets A New Azure Window... And Loses It Within Hours

A new natural arch formed near Qrendi for mere hours before collapsing on Good Friday

Fans of the iconic Azure Window had a brief 'window' of joy this week when a cave in the south of Malta collapsed, creating a freshly-formed limestone arch for a few hours, before it collapsed into the sea.

"Nature has taught us another most important lesson in life. Appreciate, protect and preserve what is loaned to you, for what is lost cannot be brought back," said Qrendi mayor David Schembri following the arch's collapse. "The iconic Għar Ħaniex on the Qrendi coastline collapses, due to rough seas and coastal erosion. Nature gives and nature takes away."

Għar Ħanex, which was located between Wied iż-Żurrieq and Għar Lapsi in Qrendi, was a cave popular with hikers and kayakers. It collapsed on Good Friday, and turned into a limestone arch before collapsing into the sea in part due to the strong winds Malta experienced over the Easter holidays.

Here's what the interior of the cave looked like back in January, prior to its collapse

The arch's fall left a large gap where the cave used to be

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Photo: Jonathan Borg

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While many lamented the loss of the cave and arch, others pointed out that it was just nature "taking its course"

Following the fall, the sea surrounding the collapsed arch turned brown as the waves pulled at the rubble left from the collapse.

Did you get to see the cave for the few hours it existed?

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