WATCH: Maltese Diver Exposes How Xemxija Seabed Is Littered With Plastic: 'We Need To Wake Up'

"We are destroying the sea with all this plastic!"

Maltese diver Raniero Borg has uploaded a shocking video which reveals the extent to which the seabed in Xemxija Bay is littered with plastic waste.

The video, which was taken close to Fekruna Beach, shows several plastic bottles, bags and other items - including a discarded Maltese flag - at the bottom of the sea.

“We are destroying the sea with all this PLASTIC!” Borg said. “If we do not act now, this will all increase in number and become worse. PLEASE SHARE as summer is just around the corner and we would like to save the sea and not further destroy it! We need to wake up and act now.”

On Friday, the government pledged to clamp down on single-use plastic, with initiatives such as banning plastic balloons from public events, installing recycling bins in every coastal area, camping site and picnic area, and increasing excise duty on plastic bags.

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