WATCH: Maltese Man Starts 'Pay It Forward Charity' To Encourage People To Give Back To The Community

With random acts of kindness such as feeding the homeless

Sometimes, the smallest acts of kindness can go the longest way.

We Give Joy, a charity organisation launched by Maltese local Lippu Zammit, has officially launched with the aim of encouraging locals to give back to the community through various projects and activities.

They're planning a lot of call to actions and projects focusing on making a difference to someone's life no matter how big or small. Just to give joy.

Activities involved may include feeding the homeless, sending gifts to hospital staff to thank them for their service and other random acts of kindness such as buying people groceries.

“To be honest it's something I've been doing for quite some time now," Lippu Zammit told Lovin Malta. "I have always felt the need to give back and to be totally honest I feel i'm just doing my part”.

“However, We Give Joy was created because there is only so much I can do alone and I feel that many people procrastinate to do good, so this platform will hopefully empower them to act upon what they've been wanting to do in ages” he continued.

Lippu has annual traditions which include sending Kinder eggs to all the kids at Puttinu during Easter or randomly sending them goodies throughout the year.

We Give Joy is currently under the process to become a registered charity.

Tag someone who'd like to join this selfless initiative and spread some joy!

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