WATCH: Hundreds Of Maltese Students Walk Out Of School To Join International March For Climate Change

The students walked from university to Valletta

Hundreds of students from schools all over Malta joined forces and walked out of their schools today to join the international students' march for climate change.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old activist from Sweden, students gathered in large numbers and walked from the University of Malta in Msida to Valletta, to raise awareness about climate change and the problems the world is facing. This was a global initiative and over 100 countries took part.

Students from several educational institutions were present, including some political figures and environmentalists

Such as Evarist Bartolo, Michael Briguglio and Cyrus Engerer. There were also some younger students from San Andrea secondary school who had tried to organise a school outing for the event. When the outing was not organised, some of the students opted to join anyway.

Other schools in Malta took part in the protest by holding their own marches at school.

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