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WATCH: Massive Pile Of Trash In Qormi Valley Cleaned Up Days After Being Flagged On Social Media

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A massive pile of broken glass and trash featuring everything from sofas to toilet bowls has been cleaned up in a matter of days after social media caught onto the tragic scene.

A video of the trash pile that had been dumped in Qormi Valley was posted online by the page Raniero’s Adventures on Saturday, with the caption: “This is not a natural mess but man-made mess! Sometimes you don’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes. I just went cycling with my bike down Qormi Valley and this is what I came across.”

Soon after being posted, commentators pointed out that the illegal dump had been reported to ERA and had been issued an enforcement notice dating back to 2015.

A day later, Qormi Council member Daniel Bugeja and PD MEP Cami Appelgren got involved, both pledging to follow up on the case.

And lo and behold, just two days after the dump was posted online and flagged, the area was cleaned up by authorities

Though the site has been cleaned up, the area is far from safe – it’s been used as an illegal car park with no permits, and local activists are now calling on authorities to seal off the area and put an end to the illegal parking and illegal dumping.

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