WATCH: Moira Delia Catches Robber Red-Handed In St. Julian's Apartments

Literally caught in the act

TV presenter and animal rights activist Moira Delia had a troubling morning when she foiled a would-be burglar from stealing from her block of apartments in St Julian's.

While going for a walk with her neighbour's dogs at around 9am this morning Moira realised that her neighbour's keys - which had been given to her by her neighbour - were missing. 

At first, she didn't take notice of the foreign man who was hanging around her block, even after she noticed the keys were missing. 

But alarm bells started ringing when she entered her block of apartments and the foreign man entered with her. 

It was then that she confronted him, as seen in videos uploaded to her Facebook page. 

In the two videos she uploaded, Moira can be seen confronting the man, making him empty his pockets, where she allegedly finds her neighbour's set of keys. 

He is even caught with a statue of a rabbit that Moira alleges was on the property and that she said he vandalised.

The man denies it all at first, saying that he has a girlfriend living in the block, but is unable to point out with flat she lives in.

The video ends with the man leaving while shouting "I'm sorry!" and Moira telling him "Go, go and live your life," while rattling the stolen keys at him.

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What do you think of this failed robbery?

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