WATCH: The Marsa Chimneys Get Demolished

One of them has already fallen

Enemalta is this morning demolishing the last two remaining concrete chimneys at the Marsa Power Station. You can see the first chimney fall at around the 5-minute mark in the above live video.

The dismantling of the Marsa power station is nearing its final stages as most of its structures have now been removed. The "1986 stack" of Unit 8, the largest electricity generator at the Marsa Power Station, which was switched off for the last time in February 2015, will be the first to be demolished.

The outer platforms and ladders and the internal wall of fire bricks of this chimney have already been removed. The remaining concrete structure will be pulled down on Thursday.

20171206Enemaltapr Mpschimney M4 2

At 81 metres above ground level, this 5-metre wide concrete chimney is the tallest structure of the Marsa Power Station. The highest structure on site, however, was the 69-metre steel stack of Unit 7, which was situated on higher grounds a few metres away. This chimney was dismantled earlier this year, along with other structures of the Power Station.     

Another 42-metre chimney is also scheduled to be demolished on Thursday. Built in 1970, this chimney formed part of the first extension of the Marsa B Power Station, which included the installation of two steam boilers and two 30-megawatt turbines. 

Many roads leading to the power station site will be closed as works are underway, so avoid heading anywhere near Bridge Wharf or Church Wharf until demolition is complete.

20171206Enemaltapr Mpschimney M4 1 1

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