WATCH: Window Cleaner Plays With Fire At St Julian’s Hotel

The cleaner was not wearing any safety equipment at all

A working has been filmed cleaning the windows of the Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel in St Julian’s in precarious conditions, with no harness protecting him from the steep fall below. 

In the video, which was sent to Lovin Malta by a reader, the worker can be seen standing on a tiny balcony, washing a window with one hand with his feet dangling dangerously off the railings. He is not wearing any safety equipment whatsoever, and requires his colleague to hold onto him from inside the hotel to prevent him from tumbling two storeys into the street below.

Contacted by Lovin Malta, the hotel's general manager Clayton Camilleri said he had given the cleaners a warning not to repeat the stunt after seeing the video.

"This isn't a normal occurrence and the hotel hadn't given instructed them to clean the windows that way," he said. 

The reader has pledged to report this incident to the authorities. As per Maltese law, companies which ignore occupational health and safety regulations are liable to fines of up to €450 per violation.

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