We Could Have Had A Cat Café In Malta

The plan was just too purr-fect

Cats 3

You walk into a sanctuary of cats. There's a cat with its tail propped up and another lazily staring at you. It's quite the dream, huh?

Well keep on imagining it, because this dream got rejected by the Żurrieq Local Council.

Żurrieq is starting to stink. Literally. There’s a growing problem of cat litter which is becoming uncontrollable. And so Żurrieq locals got together and came up with the best solution for the issue; a cat café.

Cat 1
Cat 2

There once was a cat

Who got caught in the act.

The proposal to set up a cat café was recommended by the Animal Welfare Directorate with the twofold purpose of dealing with the cat-litter issue while also giving the cats the appropriate shelter. It was going to be fully financed by the Animal Welfare Directorate and managed by the local feeders. The location which was chosen for the project was even approved by the Malta Tourism Authority.

So why shouldn’t this happen?

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