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We’re Nearing The End Of April And Malta’s Getting More Petrol Stations Instead Of A Fuel Policy

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It’s been over a month since Environment Minister Jose’ Herrera and Transport Minister Ian Borg promised activists that a revision to the controversial fuel station policy would be published in April, however, all the country seems to have got by now is a new fuel station instead.

Yesterday, the Planning Authority approved the development of a 1,680 square meter fuel station on agricultural land in Burmarrad, despite the fuel station policy expected to be published in a couple of days, on 30th April.

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Beyond the construction of a fuel station, the project will also have a car wash, retail outlets, an office and a parking area.

A development on the site was twice refused by the PA, however, the fuel station policy, which allows the transfer of even single fuel pumps to ODZ land, meant that the project was approved.

The PA board approved the development with four votes against and seven votes in favour. Opposition representative Marthese Portelli, environmental NGO representative Annick Bonello, Environmental authority chairman Victor Axiak, and PA chair Vince Cassar all voted against.

A little over a month ago, Herrera and Borg held a confrontational meeting with activists who had laid ‘siege’ to be the PA in protest of the fuel station policy, whose revision was initially announced over a year and four months ago.

There have now been three fuel stations approved since the review was announced in January 2018.

What do you make of this latest development?

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