'What Ignorance Of The Mind': Historic 18th Century Tower In Mqabba Vandalised In Senseless Attack

'It's a shame that it's 2019 and we still haven't been able to eliminate poverty of the mind'

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An 18th century tower in Mqabba has been damaged in a shocking incident of unexplained vandalism, leading to outrage and sadness among many Maltese people.

"What heartbreak," Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli said in a Facebook post flagging the act. "Our historic heritage in Mqabba has been vandalised. This building is part of the Vincenti Tower that goes back to 1726 when it was built by Fra Orfeo de Vincenzo, Prior of the Order of St. John."

Vincenti Tower was once four storeys high and featured a coat of arms and an inscription, but those have since been lost

In World War Two, the British military used the tower as an observation post, which led to it being bombed on 12th April, 1942, sustaining damage on the bottom floor - though it didn't collapse.

People were outraged to see part of Malta's heritage being vandalised

Social media was full of comments condemning the act, with many questioning the motives behind the senseless vandalism of a Maltese tower.

"Absolutely disgusting! I can just guess who did this, definitely not people who love Malta," said one person, while another said "It's a shame that it's 2019 and we still haven't been able to eliminate poverty of the mind."

Police have confirmed that a report was made earlier today at 6:30am and that they're currently searching for the culprit behind this act of vandalism.

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Do you know anything about this latest case of vandalism?

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