Woman Receives Shocking Fines After Leaving Car At St Julian's Mechanic

And she's not the first to experience this

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A woman has received a staggering €163 in fines for speeding and parking badly. The catch? Her car was at the mechanic when the fines were issued.

Posting on Facebook's Are You Being Served, Mina accused Balsons Motors of joy-riding her vehicle across the island. The car was in repair for two weeks and upon picking it up she noticed the fuel tank was empty and the back full of other people's things.

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The fines, all issued in different towns across Malta, totaled €163. 

Contacting the management, Mina was originally led to believe the issue would be resolved quickly. But now, after three full weeks of trying to get a hold of anyone who can help her, Mina is still left in the dark, with no compensation for the fuel consumed or the fines received.

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It seems her story isn't a unique one, as others commented on the post, explaining that they'd experienced similar treatment in the past.

"This once happened to me nearly 30 years ago! Took my car for repair to a garage in San Gwann and when I went for the car, it had 1000 more kilometers, apart from the dirt. I never got compensated."

"Report it... I know someone else with these issues with the same garage. It's barbaric."

As of this morning, Mina has filed a report with the police who have been "very nice" about it all.

Have you had a similar experience? Tell us about it on Facebook.

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