Working Maltese Man Pleads For Help After Being Forced To Live And Sleep In His Car

"We are Maltese for God's sake. It's cold outside. Christmas is on its way."

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A Maltese man forced to sleep in his car after becoming homeless has turned to social media to ask for help in finding an affordable place to live.

In his post, Jeremy* explained how he and his friend, both of whom are employed and working, are forced to sleep in a car and remain shower-less at the end of each work day, only to wake up at 4:30am to go back to work.

"Guys me and my friend are looking for a place to live. We are working and have some money on us. It's disappointing that instead of going to rest after a days work we go to rest in a car to get up at 4.30am. No place to shower. We have been sent here there and everywhere and haven't got anywhere whatsoever, I need a place urgently, I'm in need of a cheap place so if anyone knows of such a place please contact me as soon as possible. We are desperate. We are Maltese for gods sake. It's cold outside. Christmas is on its way"

He also said he had a budget of €500 to find a place.

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"He's a childhood friend who made some bad decisions a half lifetime ago"

A friend of Jeremy's told Lovin Malta that Jeremy had been seeking a place to live since early 2018, but still remains homeless.

"He's a childhood friend who made some bad decisions a half lifetime ago and he's paid for those mistakes, and has no living family left. This has been going on since June," he explained.

He explained how he has been accompanying Jeremy to seek help, and let him stay at his house for some weeks, but has only seen his friend be sent from one place to another without finding anywhere "stable".

"Since he stayed with us he has been to every agency and spoken to God knows how many people - all keep sending him from one place to the next without ever offering something stable for him to build on," he said.

"He and his mate are basically in the same situation and they are both working. It's a sad story that they will only be heard now that they have a budget. I really wish I could do more myself but it's practically impossible for me right now,' he ended.

Lovin Malta reached out to Jeremy, who was unable to respond at length, and simply said he had been experiencing "a lot of trouble"

If you would like to help Jeremy and his friend out please contact us at [email protected] with the subject line: "Jeremy".

*False names have been used for the person's protection

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