You Can Now Charge Your Phone On Maltese Buses

One of the awesome upgrade on a new shipment


The future is here everyone, a new wave of 28 ultra-modern buses unveiled by Malta Public Transport will have USB charging ports. For the thousands of people who commute via bus to work everyday this will be a total lifesaver. 

No more having to suffer through the shitty music being played from the back of the bus by a jerk who's never heard of headphones because your phone died.

This much-needed upgrade comes after an investment of €6,000,000 in the transport system, to keep up with growing demand. Now more than ever, people are favoring public transport instead of private vehicles, with a 12% increase in usage this year alone.

 While phone chargers in private cars have been around for years, this is the first time a public transport service in Malta have implemented them. Besides the charger stations, the new buses are low-emission, have luggage racks for airport transfers, and will be able to carry more people than ever before.

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