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Tonight's the night!

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The Kappara flyover project has consistently been on schedule over the last year, but during a press conference this morning, Minister for Transport Ian Borg announced that things will now take a turn for the unexpected for Maltese infrastructure. In a bid to immediately ease the current heavy traffic down Regional Road, the project has shifted into overdrive, and half of the flyover will be open for traffic... tonight. 

As of 9pm tonight, two lanes will open for traffic heading to St. Julian's from Regional Road, one of the most popular routes in the junction which has currently been congested into a single lane. This was, after all, the main reason why there were so many traffic jams in the area over the last two weeks. The closure of the junction leading to Gżira definitely didn't help either, as this accounted for 48% of the traffic. 

Visiting the site this morning, Minister for Transport Ian Borg, accompanied by Transport Malta CEO James Piscopo, explained that the project's impeccable timing was down to it peaking during the summer season, since there were less cars on the road. The project, which started in April 2016, has consistently ben on budget and on time, but the Minister seemed to want to one-up this. "We are proud to remind you that this project will be completed weeks before the end of year deadline," he said. The half of the flyover which will be open for traffic as of tonight, in fact, will be reverted back to the opposite direction when the rest of the works are completed later on this year. 

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While this happens, access from Regional Road to San Ġwann will have to be temporarily blocked off as works now move onto that part of the junction. The decision to temporarily open up parts of the junction earlier than planned, the Minister explained, was taken to solve the current congestion problem in the area. 

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