You Might Soon Be Able To See This Animal In Malta's Wildlife Again

Breeding will be starting in Buskett

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The barn owl, or barbaġann, was a regularly-bredding native species in Malta. However, it had seen a drastic decrease, with the last records of the owl being bred on the island dating all the way back to the late 1980s. Now, plans are in place for the beautiful owl to make a return to the islands.

The Planning Authority has announced that permission was granted for the installation of three temporary cages to be introduced to Malta's own woodland area in Buskett. Here, barn owls will be bred and reintroduced into the wild, natural environment.

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The area allocated for the cages in Buskett

The cages must be removed within a five year period, giving barn owls half a decade to make a comeback in Malta. 

The owl, which normally only grows to about 24 cm in length, is a protected species both locally and in the European Union.

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