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Love Films? Here Are 2018’s Best Movies According To Malta’s Top Personalities

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Some seriously great films came out in 2018, though you might have been too busy to watch them all. However, lucky for us, Malta’s top personalities have been kind enough to share their favourite film from the year.

Here’s your Christmas holidays binge sorted.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Cyrus Engerer, Roberta Metsola, Chris Cardona, Valentina Rossi and Alex Alden

Cyrus Engerer – “Undoubtedly, Bohemian Rhapsody! I think it is the only film I have watched, in which I really considered going to the Box Office to buy another ticket, as I was exiting the cinema to go in and watch again. It really felt as if one was getting really up, close and personal with the real Freddie Mercury, through Rami Malek’s fantastic acting skills. At other times, it felt as if we were at a Queen concert – something I always wanted to do but obviously never got the chance to. I’m still listening to Queen songs everyday in my car.”

Alex Alden – I really enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody – it was supposed to not be completely factual!”

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 13 51

A Star Is Born

Rosianne Cutajar, Sarah Zerafa, Maxine Pace and Valentina Rossi

Sarah Zerafa – “Let’s just say I went to re-watch it twice at the cinema.. and cried every single time!”

Maxine Pace – “I just watched it, and it’s one of those movies which I would watch over and over.”

Valentina Rossi – “It’s between A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody – you can’t make me pick just one sorry!

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 16 33

Avengers: Infinity War

Simon Schembri, Chris Fearne and Grandayy

Grandayy – “I liked Moon and Ex Machina, both of which I only watched recently. But my favourite just has to be Avengers Infinity War, so many memes came out of that one!”

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 20 56


Joseph Muscat

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 22 32

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Chris Fearne

“Two films I’ll mention. I’m a bit of a Marvel’s fan, so Avengers: Infinity War. And then Three Billboards, because although I am Deputy Prime Minister I’m still a bit of a rebel and I love a lost cause!”

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 22 59

The Greatest Showman

Ben Camille

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 23 26

Under The Silver Lake

Ira Losco

“The obvious pick would be A Star Is Born but I really liked how weird Under the Silver Lake was.”

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 23 58


Miriam Dalli and Gaia Cauchi

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 25 29

The Shape Of Water

Francis Zammit Dimech

“Sally Hawkins gives a brilliant interpretation of a mute isolated woman working in a high security government laboratory. Top credit also goes to director Guillermo Del Toro who deservedly won the Academy Award for Best Director.”

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 25 55

Mamma Mia II – Here We Go Again

Adrian Delia

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David Lynch’s The Art of Life

Alex Alden

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 26 20

Good Morning Vietnam

Jo Caruana

“I hate to admit this, but I haven’t seen anywhere near as many films as I wanted to! I have rewatched some golden oldies though, and the one that comes to mind is Good Morning Vietnam. There’s no one on earth like Robin Williams.”

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 27 07

22 July

David Casa

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 27 36

500 Days Of Summer

Eve Borg Bonello

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 28 09

Forever My Girl

Michela Pace

Screenshot 2018 12 20 At 14 28 40

Have you seen any of these films and what did you think? Let us know in the comments below

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