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Magistrate Joe Mifsud Probed By Taxman Over Possible Undeclared Wealth  

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Magistrate Joe Mifsud is the subject of a probe by Malta’s tax authorities over financial declarations which suggest he might have undeclared wealth. 

According to the Times of Malta, Mifsud was served with a formal notice by the Tax Compliance Unit about the investigation. The period under review, according to the report, is between 2013 and 2015. 

Suspicions were raised by the fact that Mifsud had declared expenses that were greater than his earnings at the time. Before being appointed to the bench, Mifsud ran a relatively small law firm. 

The paper cited sources within the audit, who said that Mifsud’s filings suggested the existence of hidden wealth. 

“Mifsud will be issued with official paperwork calling on him to declare tens of thousands of Euro more in earning,” Times reported. 

The magistrate pointed to the judiciary code of ethics in refusing to reply to questions directly, however his wife told the paper that the matter was a “private and administrative” one, and that any dues would be settled. 

She added that her husband had already settled an outstanding bill of €10,000. 

The probe follows a similar one into magistrate Monica Vella, who was recently asked to settle a relatively small outstanding bill, believed to have been around €300. 

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