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Majority Of American States Will Be Moved To Malta’s Amber List For Travel, Chris Fearne Says

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Malta will be reassessing travel restrictions from the United States according to each state, with the majority expected to be moved to the amber list.

As such, people travelling from a state that is on the amber list will be allowed to enter Malta as long as they produce a negative PCR test 72 hours before boarding.

Another country that is being shifted onto the amber list is Israel – one of the few countries in the world to vaccinate around 70% of its population.

“Contrary to what has been done before, the United States of America isn’t going to be assessed as a whole country,” Health Minister Chris Fearne said at a press conference earlier today. “Instead, we are going to assess each state separately.”

Fearne said that the majority of the states will move to the amber list with ongoing assessments being made with regards to those that remain on the red list for the time being.

Previously, health authorities red-listed the US as a whole, meaning travel to Malta from the country was prohibited.

Another country that is being shifted into the amber list is Israel – one of the few countries in the world that have performed better than Malta with regards to its vaccination campaign.

Fearne also announced Malta will reopen social and cultural events from 5th July.

Events will only be available to people with a vaccine certificate. The events must take place in an enclosed space. The events, which must be seated, will be limited to 100 people – this will increase gradually to around 200 people in August.

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