‘Making Amends to God’: Militant Christians To Rally Against Malta LGBT Pride

The 'Rosary Rally' will coincide with the annual Pride festival

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Photo: Malta Pride

A group of hardline Christians will gather in Valletta a day before the annual Malta Pride festival to protest against LGBT rights.

The protest event was uploaded to Facebook by ‘Pro Malta Christiana’, a group which describes itself as a lay Catholics who follow the path of Plinio Correo de Oliviera - a late Brazilian Catholic activist who had described homosexuality as “the number one enemy of the family”.

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The group’s Facebook page is administered by Philip Beattie, who used to be secretary-general of Josie Muscat’s now-defunct ‘National Action’ political party. Beattie last made national headlines last year when he spoke at a protest against the Marriage Equality law, which he lambasted as a “communist and totalitarian” law that abolishes the basic concept of “natural marriage”.

The protest, which is described as ‘a Rosary rally for reparation against Malta Pride and the LGBT agenda’, will be held at Parliament Square on 14th September, a day before thousands of people are expected to descend on Valletta to celebrate LGBT rights.

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It is already being roundly criticised by LGBT activists, with Illum editor Albert Gauci Cunningham questioning the protestors’ morality in praying for gay people instead of for migrants drowning at sea and living like animals in cowsheds.

What do you make of this protest?

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