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Malta Chamber of SMEs Attacks Government For ‘Avoidable’ COVID-19 Spike

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The Malta Chamber of SMEs has released their stance on the way forward amid a COVID-19 spike over the last week.

The chamber has called on the authorities to discuss health standards with stakeholders so that certain activities can resume safely.

“We have sent plans to the authorities and requested discussions so that when the time comes these sectors would be ready to operate whilst keeping risk levels as low as possible,” they wrote.

They remarked that the wedding and events sectors require clarity from government so that plans can be made without constant worry that authorities will fail to take action early on and impose an informal lockdown at a later stage.

They described the sudden spike as something that “should have been predicted and was avoidable” had the government put forward a well-defined COVID-19 plan.

The chamber is the latest in a long list of associations who have been criticising the government for promoting mass events without the proper health and safety regulations.

The minister in charge of tourism has since called for a balanced approach in dealing with COVID-19, with events taking place in a “cautious manner.

Do you agree with their comments?

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