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Malta Decides: Voter Turnout Lowest In Around 50 Years

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Maltese voters headed to the polls in droves today, but achieved a lower turnout than usual, with official figures quoting 92%, a reduction of just 1% from 2013 but still a record low since 1966. 

People of all ages were seen queuing up at voting halls all over the country, while thousands of expats flew back to Malta to also have their say. The ballot sheets are now being transferred from all over Malta to the Naxxar counting hall. Counting will begin tomorrow morning at 10am. 

These are the official turnouts for all the elections in the past 50 years

1966: 89.7% – PN

1971: 92.9% – Labour

1976: 94.9% – Labour

1981: 94.6% – Labour

1987: 96.1% – PN

1992: 96.1% – PN

1996: 96.3% – Labour

1998: 95.4% – PN

2003: 96.9% – PN

2008: 93% – PN

2013: 93.8% – Labour

These are the official turnout according to districts 

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By 2pm there seemed to be a strong turnout of 52.32% 

One bride even voted in her wedding dress, just before getting hitched

Labour leader Joseph Muscat voted in Burmarrad with his wife Michelle Muscat

PN leader Simon Busuttil voted in Lija and had this to say to the press

The President and her husband also voted in Lija

She also issued a call for unity as soon as voting ended at 10pm

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