Malta Is Finally Getting Google Street View

If NASA can send back 360° images of Mars, I wanna check out every Maxim's storefront from my sofa.

Gharghur Street Cover

Featured photo: Massimo Debattista / Google Street View

Google, the internet giants who need no introduction, have finally turned their gaze on to Malta and announced that as from September 19th  they will begin implementing Street View locally. 

Starting with Valletta, the Google maps cars will drive through the streets of Malta, taking 360° shots that will allow users to 'walk through' our streets, and have a cheeky glance around, all from the comfort of their own home.

We Have Been Chosen

We have been chosen!

Currently, there are a few locations with Street View across Malta and Gozo, but these are only from uploads made by individual contributors. With Google map's car you'll be able to follow the length of the road without interruption.

The recordings are set to keep going right up till the end of November, but road closures and bad weather may delay the progress of filming other towns.

Mosta Streetview

Click the image to see the full 360°

Google's software will automatically blur out faces and number plates, but just to be safe you may wanna avoid sudden movements when you see the car driving past - there have been far too many Google Street View fails for one lifetime.

Street View Fall
Google Street Locations

All the current locations with a 'Street View' on Google maps

What are you most looking forward to about having Street View in Malta? Let us know in the comments!

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