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Malta Needs 5G If It Wants To Remain Relevant, Melita’s Chief Technology Officer Says 

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Malta should embrace 5G if it wants to maintain relevance in a world of rapidly evolving internet technology, Melita’s Chief Technology Officer has argued.

“People will expect to find 5G technology when they come here and not be limited by technology, just as people today don’t accept handsets and networks with particular conditions,” Simon Montanaro said on yesterday’s edition of Lovin Daily.

Melita recently announced that its initial 5G test at its Madliena data centre found the fifth generation of internet emitted extremely low levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Indeed, the emissions were less than 1% of what the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) considers safe.

Melita will now conduct tests at four additional sites in Sliema, St Julian’s and Valletta and will publish their results on its website.

“We’re doing everything by the book and are acting extremely conservatively and transparently,” Montanaro said, when asked to address sceptics of 5G. “Regulators like the WHO, EU and Malta Communications Authority are connected to bodies conducted research and people can see clear explanations on their websites as to why 5G is safe. I think this research can stand on its own two feet.”

“People have a right to their opinion and to challenge us; our job is to transparently show the information we have. I think we should let the facts speak for themselves rather than try to convince people who have a particular approach, and I think they do.”

Beyond the conspiracy theories that have clouded the technology, 5G promises much faster internet, with latency (the speed at which data travels between nodes) of less than five milliseconds.

Besides promising a smoother and faster WiFi experience, 5G is seen as crucial for the age of the Internet of Things whereby devices such as self-driving cars and remote surgical equipment need to react immediately without any delays.

Unfortunately, technical problems with yesterday’s edition of Lovin Daily means the video of our interview with Simon Montanaro couldn’t be published. 

Are you looking forward to the rollout of 5G in Malta?

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