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Malta Small Business Chamber Launches Scheme To Help Workers At Risk Of Unemployment Find Another Job

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Malta’s union for small businesses has launched a scheme to help workers at risk of unemployment find a job at the few sectors that require more workers.

In a message to businesses, the Malta Chamber of SMEs urged them to “hang in there and support your employees a while longer”, at least until the government unveils its vision to safeguard jobs.

“In the meantime, we are starting an initiative of fostering workers,” it said. “Very few sectors are doing well or still going on and might need or can afford to take on the extra help at the moment. Whoever is in this situation is asked to get in touch so that we save some workers from redundancies.”

“Please get in touch with us if you can offer these opportunities. A number of businesses have workers who are risking imminent layoffs and also vehicles and equipment that is available ready for use.”

“The Malta Chamber of SMEs will help with the matchmaking. Nobody is looking to make any profit out of this. The only aim is to keep workers in employment and help each other.”

Chamber of SMEs CEO Abigail Mamo told Lovin Malta that businesses looking to hire more people include supermarkets, pharmacies and delivery services.

For more details, you can contact the Chamber by calling 21232881 or by sending an email to fabian.demicoli@smechamber.mt.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has said the government will launch an aid package later this week as part of a “mini-budget” but has warned that the economy will take a hit regardless of the upcoming interventions.

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