Malta's Association For Abandoned Animals Faces Closure

A 12-year institute may lose its home.


The Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) have announced in a Facebook post that their twelve-year old sanctuary will be facing closure. The home of the association will be closed as a result of impending development, the AAA were recently told by MEPA.

Scores of Facebook users have reacted strongly to the AAA's post about their imminent closer. The majority are calling for action, suggesting a petition or even a protest. Others have expressed their hopes that the government will compensate by providing the sanctuary with a new home. Overall the feeling is one of great disappointment over the news that these rescued dogs could potentially be displaced.

The AAA Sanctuary, which was founded in 2004, is home to approximately 80 abandoned dogs, which are all up for adoption. The sanctuary works with volunteers to provide bedding, medical care, visits to the vet, and all activity involved with rescuing abandoned dogs. 

Their premises are located in the Marsa Industrial Estate.

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