Malta’s Deputy Prime Minister Reports Ridiculously Obvious Facebook Imposter To The Police

Chris Fearne urges public to report fake profile to Facebook

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Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne has asked the police to investigate an unknown person who was impersonating him on Facebook.

A Facebook profile called ‘Chris Ferne’ with the minister’s face as its profile photo had messaged several people on Messenger, pretending to be the Minister. The profile appears to have been removed.

Although this could well have been a prank, Fearne didn’t take it lightly and issued a statement to urge the public to immediately report the fake profile to Facebook.

“If anyone has any doubts [about this profile], they can contact customer care at the Ministry’s offices,” he said.

Fearne, who is also the Labour Party's deputy leader for parliamentary affairs, has been widely tipped to contest the PL leadership if Prime Minister Joseph Muscat keeps his word and steps down before the next general election.

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