Malta's Junk Mail Strategy Still Pending After Six Months

A second consultation process is in the pipeline


Everybody hates junk mail. That's why the Government set up a consultation process last January to find ways of reducing the amount of shit piled into our letter boxes.

But six months and a Cabinet reshuffle later, kilos of junk mail are still making their way into our homes unsolicited - 2.2kg every two months to be precise, according to the man who weighed it all.

Malta's Environment Ministry - which used to be headed by Leo Brincat but is now the responsibility of Jose Herrera - has confirmed with Lovin Malta that a SECOND round of consultations is in the pipeline to determine the way forward.  

"A number of submissions have been received and analysed in the context of a study which the Ministry is currently conducting to gather more details about the amount of unsolicited mail received, the nature of such mail and any geographical variations," the Ministry's spokeswoman said. 

"A second round of consultations will follow with the main players as a result of which policy options will be drawn up and evaluated to identify the way forward," she added.

So yeah, junk mail doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. 

Junk 2

Leo Brincat, who launched the original consultation process, previously said that while there were environmental concerns about the volumes of waste generated through junk mail, a solution must include striking a balance between a more sustainable advertising future and maintaining jobs in printing and distributing of these materials.

We await with bated breath. While our mailboxes and dustbins continue to be filled with useless waste.

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