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Malta’s Population Could Hit Half A Million By End Of 2019 With Migration Key Driver Behind Growth

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Malta’s population could surpass 500,000 people by the end of 2019, after the NSO revealed that there were just under 494,000 persons living in the country as of 2018.

Looking at the figures, Malta’s population has grown by roughly 10,000 people a year since 2013, with last year seeing a 3.8% growth.

The population growth has mostly taken place off the back of migration into Malta, with net migration standing at 17,102, a 17% increase when compared with 2017.

Excluding any adoptions, third-country nationals make up the larger share of incoming migrants with 13,460 arriving during 2018, while 11,341 EU nationals moved to Malta.

Just under 1,100 Maltese nationals emigrated from Malta. However, it should be noted that this figure would not include anyone who still has Malta as their registered address.

Men (251, 836) just beat out women (241, 723) in holding the majority of the population, while most people fall within the 30-39 age bracket (81,203), followed by 20 to 29 year-olds (75,568).

If its any consolation for women, the female sex seem to greatly outlive their male counterparts. While males for the majority of people within every age group from o to 59, women start to form the majority from then on, with females accounting for more than two-thirds of all people over 90 years-old.


Source: NSO

Source: NSO

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