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Malta’s R Factor Climbs To 1.3 As Nation Continues To Experience Rise In COVID-19 Cases

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Malta’s rate of infection, known as R0, factor has risen to 1.3 after the confirmation of ten new cases of coronavirus earlier today.

This means that each new person who contracts COVID-19 spreads the disease to about 1.3 people on average. The seasonal flu, for example, has an average R0 of 1.

Speaking at a press conference, Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci confirmed that Malta’s R Factor is at 1.3. However, she was quick to remind everyone that health authorities are basing their assessments of Malta’s coronavirus situation in tandem with the moving average.

“The R Factor varies but at the moment it is 1.3.”

“However it’s important that we don’t just look at one day but the average over a few days – which is what we’re taking into consideration when assessing the measures we’ve put in place,” she said.

Malta’s rate of infection has been above one for at least five days now. The easing of coronavirus measures was introduced at the beginning of May when Malta experienced a decrease in cases, causing the R Factor to drop below one.

You can watch the full press conference below.

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