Malta's Trump Introductory Video Gets Featured On Time Magazine

One step closer to reaching the Donald himself

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Malta moved one step closer to getting the attention of US President Donald Trump yesterday after America First, Malta Second was featured on Time Magazine. 

Lovin Malta's video, which has already been watched more than 250,000 times, joins dozens of other piss-take introductory videos being produced all over the world. 

Malta's video also made it to @itsgreateu, a Twitter profile with more than 70,000 followers which shares news about the incredible trolling movement that was started by the Netherlands with the first introductory video that inspired more than 30 others.

The accompanying website presents all the videos on a map. Due to Malta's huge size, it cannot be seen on the map but the website does include a link to the YouTube version of the video. 

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Meanwhile, some Maltese personalities have also shared in the fun, including Opposition leader Simon Busuttil who described the video with some classic Trump phrases: "It's Great. It's Mega."

Do you want Donald Trump to try pastizzi? Share this link with all your friends, let's make sure he sees it.

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Chris Peregin