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Malta’s Virus Pick-Up Rate Has Declined Due To High Number Of Tests, Charmaine Gauci Confirms

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Malta’s COVID-19 pick up rate, which is the number of new  daily cases divided by the number of tests carried out that day, has decreased, Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci has confirmed.

Asked at a press briefing about concerns raised by public health specialists about a second wave, Prof. Gauci said authorities are monitoring the situation in Malta and comparing it with the situation in other countries.

“The most important thing is to identify and isolate the cases, quarantine the people they were in contact with and follow up on them. That is why we increased the number of tests and in fact Malta is one of the countries with the most tests per capita.”

“We’re doing this intentionally to ensure we catch all the cases.”

“Our pick-up rate used to be very high, but while the number of new cases is increasing, so is the number of tests and the pick-up rate has decreased.  Our goal is to find all the COVID-19 cases.”

Should authorities find that the situation is aggravating, Prof. Gauci confirmed that some restrictions may be reintroduced.

“We are responsible form public health and we will take action according to the situation,” she said.

Malta confirmed 15 new COVID-19 cases today out of 1,670 tests. Meanwhile five new patients recovered bringing the total number of recoveries up to 465 and total number of active cases up to 113.

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