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Malta’s Workers To Benefit From Added Day Of Leave

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All workers will be enjoying an added day of leave as a new regulation is introduced today.

Carmelo Abela, the Minister responsible for Employment and Industrial Relations, made the announcement this morning, confirming that the regulation will be considered to have entered into force on 1st January.

The regulation will grant each worker an added eight hours of paid leave to the existing hours provided by law or as part of their working agreement.

The Minister praised the regulation for allowing workers more leisure time to spend with loved ones.

“We are giving workers another day a year to spend as they please. In this way, we will be giving our workers a new lease of life to focus on life away from work; with their family or in relaxing environments,” Abela remarked.

The regulation is part of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act and was initially announced during the 2020 Budget.

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