Maltese Agent Explains Curious Advert Targeting Indians, Bangladeshis, Filipinos And Nepalis

"Many Maltese property owners are prejudiced due to their country of origin...I am trying to help them"


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Malta has become a far more multicultural place in recent years and you can now find people from all over the world working and living here.

With this in mind, one particular agent has published an unusual advert - specifically targeting citizens of India, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Nepal.

The ad, which was posted on social media property rental groups, advertises modern and air-conditioned apartments all over Malta, with prices as cheap as €150 per person for people willing to share their space.


Lovin Malta reached out to the agent to inquire why exactly he is targeting these four nationalities.

“The reason why the advert is structured in this manner is solely due to the fact that a good majority of the foreign workforce entering the economy of Malta emanates from the mentioned countries,” he responded. “Such third country nationals find difficulty in acquiring accommodation since a lot of Maltese property owners are prejudiced by their country of origin - therefore I am trying to help them.”

He added that €150 is the market price these workers are willing to pay to reside in Malta but that this in no way means the apartments offer degrading conditions.

Statistics published towards the end of 2017 show 2,407 Filippinos, 819 Indians, 49 Bangladeshis and 49 Nepalis were working here. However, this number is likely to have increased exponentially, with agencies advertising Malta job vacancies in these countries in fields such as construction and manual labour, cleaning, nursing, and driving.

JobsPlus chairman Clyde Caruana has said Malta needs to attract between 7,000 and 8,000 foreign workers on an annual basis if the current economic growth is to continue. Prime Minster Joseph Muscat has repeatedly said the island must keep its doors open and regularly speaks about the social benefits of immigration, such as higher pensions and the maintenance of sectors the Maltese no longer want to work in.

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